Freezing from determination

Freezing Point Determination
Freezing Point Determination

In particular, mixing water with milk is a very common trick. Freezing point analyzes are important in terms of detecting the fraud done and determining the amount of water added. If water is added to freshly milked milk with no preservative added, this is most easily detected by freezing point determination.

Distilled water freezes substantially to zero degrees. The milk composition contains lactose and mineral substances in the actual solution state. milk freezes to a much lower degree than water because of these substances. The degree of freezing of the milk is approximately minus 0,55.

When boiling the milk, the amount of dissolved substances in its composition is reduced and in this case the freezing point of the milk increases slightly. If the acidity of the milk increases, this increases the soluble substances in the milk and the freezing point of the milk decreases. When the sugar, soda and other similar melting substances are added to the milk, the freezing point is reduced.

In the light of all this information, the following generalization can be made: the closer the freezing point of the milk is to zero degrees, the more water is added to that milk. Special tools called cryoscopes are used to determine the freezing point of the milk.

In particular, the freezing point determination analysis of milk is carried out in laboratories accredited by domestic and foreign accreditation institutions according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. In order to ensure that the analysis results are reliable and unbiased, laboratories comply with the standards issued by domestic and foreign organizations. The standard for determining the freezing point of milk is as follows:

  • TS EN ISO 5764 Milk - Determination of freezing point - Thermistor cryoscope method

This standard represents a standard procedure for determining milk quality. In this context, the determination of the freezing point is used to verify whether the milk is diluted with water.