Freezing Start of (Itri Plant) determination

Determination of Freezing Onset (Itri Plant)
Determination of Freezing Onset (Itri Plant)

Medicinal and aromatic plants are used in the medical field and have high standards of active substance content and essential oil quality. Nowadays, scientific studies on breeding and growing techniques of such plants are continuing. In addition to the studies carried out on the determination of essential oil quantities and composition of medicinal and aromatic plants in laboratory environments, joint studies are carried out with vegetable oil extraction facilities where yield and quality studies are carried out.

Some of the authorized laboratories carry out research programs on cultural processes, production techniques and plant physiology to improve the yield and quality of medicinal and aromatic plant varieties that are breeding or brought from abroad.

In this context, taking into account the demands of the departments of Pharmacognosy and Cosmatology, cooperation is made with universities and private sector and new plant product development studies are initiated.

In addition, projects for the development of aromatic plants (bulky plants) as dyeing plants are continuing. The aim of the development of these projects is to provide the production of aromatic plants of the quality and characteristics required by the international markets and to turn the biological diversity of our country into an advantage in international markets by taking into account the soil and water resources and biodiversity of our country.

Especially in laboratories accredited by domestic and foreign accreditation institutions according to the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, the determination of the onset of freezing of flavored bikers (bulbous plants) is also performed. In order to ensure that the analysis results are reliable and unbiased, laboratories comply with the standards issued by domestic and foreign organizations. In addition, worldwide accepted test methods and test criteria are applied in these analyzes. In this way, laboratories are served in a reliable and impartial manner and analyzes and reports are accepted all over the world.