Physical analysis

Physical Analysis
Physical Analysis

Climate change and global warming are no longer a threat. When the seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms used in agricultural activities around the world and many other mistakes are added to this problem, the future of the earth does not seem very desirable. Moreover, there is no possibility of a return or escape from the point reached. It is predicted that the use of pesticides in the world will increase further in the future 50 year. Because it is expected that there will be more epidemic diseases and crop pests in agricultural production as a result of the changes in temperature and rainfall caused by global warming. This will inevitably increase the use of pesticides. On the other hand, product efficiencies will also decrease and preserving existing products will create other problems.

Therefore, physical analyzes to be made in terms of food safety will allow to monitor food processes and take measures for some areas that can be improved. Physical analyzes to be carried out in authorized laboratories are of great importance in order to prevent possible dangers in terms of environment and human health.

The detailed list of physical analyzes carried out within the scope of food analyzes in laboratories is given in the table below:


Physical Analysis

Bleaching control test

Determination of maceration

Weight control (gross and net weight, grammage)

Determination of yeast strength

Determination of suspended solids

Determination of fruit weight ratio

Determination of thousand (1000) grain weight

Determination of non-oxidized particles

Bellier index test

Organoleptic analyzes (taste, odor, color, appearance)

Turbidity determination

Determination of specific gravity (by pycnometer)

Determination of fenugreek quantity

Determination of pH

Determination of precipitated solid

Determination of cooking state

Solution color ICUMSA determination

Determination of yield

Determination of solubility ratio

Refractometric moisture determination

Dissolved oxygen determination

Color (Hunter-Lab) determination

Fill rate (%) determination

Color analysis

Determination of the amount of water released by thawing in frozen meats

Moisture content determination (Toluene method)

Determination of cut surface in frozen beef fat

Determination of humidity (Karl Fischer)

Determination of the onset of freezing (mytri plant)

Moisture determination (dry matter)

Freezing point determination

Moisture and volatile matter determination

smoke point determination

Sedimentation analysis

Sensory analysis (excluding chemical analysis) (in natural olive oils)

Class properties assignment

Determination of the number of falls

Determination of water activity

Determination of sieve, size and length

Determination of water extract

Electrical conductivity determination

Determination of dispersion in water

Melting point determination

Determination of water-soluble solids (Brix)

Determination of ester number

Determination of solubility in water

Meat core ratio determination

Determination of water-soluble ash (based on total ash)

Determination of meat ratio

Determination of alkalinity in water-soluble ash (in KOH)

Label and packaging control

Determination of water-insoluble solids

Determination of fermentation strength

Determination of water-insoluble ash (based on total ash)

Physical defect determination

Determination of water insoluble matter

gamut analysis

Determination of the amount of insoluble matter in water and acid

Determination of hectoliter weight

Determination of substance passing into water

homogenization experiment

Determination of sulfated ash

Determination of conductivity ash

Determination of straining weight

Determination of relief coefficient

Grain / kg number determination

Carbonate determination

Determination of the thickness of the basic honeycomb plate - Honey (compas)

Determination of tar substance (ammonium bicarbonate)

Total dissolved solids analysis

Determination of refractive index

Determination of the total amount of powdered tea

Pollution analysis

sediment determination

stink test

Determination of salinity (%) (in use waters)

Crystal color determination (Braunschweig score)

turbidity test

Determination of dry fruit weight ratio

Determination of viscosity

Dry and wet self determination (gluten)

Foreign matter determination

Determination of dry or dried fruit or cream ratio

Determination of oil-free dry matter

Drying loss determination

Density and relative density determination

Determination of ash and raw ash

Determination of air gap in eggs (for every 10 eggs)