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Life Sciences

Biopharmaceutical science is a science that examines the intensities, properties and relationships between the biological effects of prepared drugs in humans and animals. This field of study examines the structure, physical state, particle size, surface area, properties of the excipients, the dosage forms of the active ingredients and the methods used in the manufacture of the active ingredients of the drugs.

The science of genomics is a branch of biotechnology which examines the genomes of organisms, that is, the genomes of organisms by applying the sequencing methods of chromosomes. The main purpose of this science is to understand the whole DNA sequence found in living things. A human genome is more than three billion DNA base pairs in length.

Molecular medicine is a science in which molecular biology and biochemistry are studied at the level of cells and organisms, especially in terms of human health. Molecular biology studies various activities in humans and animals at the molecular level. In recent years, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and cell biology has gained importance in parallel with the development of science.

Biopharmaceuticals, genomics, molecular medicine, biotechnology and similar sciences, as well as medicines, medical devices, health-related sectors, athletes' health and safety, all constitute the life sciences as a whole.

On the one hand, new drugs and new medical devices are being prepared and put on the market. Their design, development, testing and distribution are processes that require responsibility and must be carefully monitored.

At this point, laboratories accredited from national and international accreditation organizations are needed. These authorization works are carried out in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard for Basic Requirements for Calibration and Test Laboratories.

While performing tests, measurements and analyzes in these laboratories, both the legal regulations in force and the standards developed by domestic and foreign organizations are followed.