Consumer Products ve Retail

Consumer Products and Retail
Consumer Products and Retail

With regard to quality and brand image in today's market conditions in the consumer products sector, all manufacturers or retailers face shortages of product cycles, changing practices with legal regulations, low price policies and a number of other problems. While dealing with these problems, on the other hand, for the manufacturing companies or retail companies, checking the products, making safety assessments of the factories, factories or production facilities, dealing with the possible problems, preventing customer complaints and eliminating or eliminating the production errors and return risks. efforts should also be made.

Based on their authority from national or international accreditation organizations (accredited), laboratories provide a range of tests, analysis, measurement and evaluation services to enterprises in order to solve the mentioned problems and to prevent possible risks.

In these services, laboratories comply with the principles of the legal regulations in force and comply with the standards published by domestic and foreign institutions.

Consumer and retail services, durable goods, toys and children's products, innovative products, electrical and electronic products, medical devices, cosmetics, personal care and home care products, textile products, accessories, food products and packaging a wide range.

These services provided by laboratories aim to ensure the quality, health and reliability of consumer and retail products. The primary objective of the studies is to protect human health and prevent harm to the environment. Producers must ensure that products are not harmful to human health when consumed under normal conditions.

These laboratories use state-of-the-art testing and measuring devices to ensure that the services provided are accurate, fast, reliable and of high quality, and employ trained and experienced engineers and technicians in their staff.