Agriculture ve food

Agriculture and Food
Agriculture and Food

In agricultural and food sector, the process that starts with soil fertility, water fertility, fertilization method, genetic characteristics of seeds, seed health, seed tests and many other efforts triggers many processes, from growing, collecting, storing, shipping and entering the consumer's home. A chain emerges.

In these processes, each stage has its own efficiency, risks, quality and reliability. Agriculture and food is a huge industry and requires a wide range of responsibilities in people's lives, not only in terms of health and safety risks, but also from environmental protection to global warming and climate change. It requires the application of very different methods, the measurement of many different methods and the realization of test, analysis and evaluation studies.

Consumers are much more conscious than before, and are challenging and challenging agricultural product growers and firms more in terms of human health and environmental conditions.

Nowadays it is the fundamental right of people to consume reliable foods. People want to lead a healthy life and achieve adequate and reliable food in a sustainable way. It is very important to ensure food safety, that is, all pests in food are acceptable or not at all. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to monitor all processes and take the necessary precautions starting from throwing the seed in the field to the consumption of the food. This is the only way to avoid foodborne risks.

In order to reduce the impact of climate change, modern monitoring programs such as good agricultural practices and good animal husbandry practices are needed to ensure the safety of the food obtained in terms of diversity and quantity in agricultural production. At the same time, it is necessary to apply new methods and technologies in the storage and storage of foods and to minimize food safety losses in transportation and retail services.

In addition, all activities must be based on existing legal regulations and standards developed by domestic and foreign organizations.