Automotive Benchmarks


Within the framework of the ongoing negotiations in the process of accession to the European Union, the areas required to be aligned with the technical legislation of the European Union were identified. Comprehensive regulations are also made on the free movement of goods produced in our country.

The automotive sector is also an area that is obliged to comply with the technical legislation and the Turkish Standards Institute has been held responsible for preparing the infrastructure for testing and analysis in accordance with the European Union directives. In the meantime, efforts have been made to strengthen academic and research laboratories in order to meet the minimum criteria and standards required by the EU directives.

The Strengthening of Physical Infrastructure Regarding Market Surveillance and Conformity Assessment in the Automotive Sector supported by the European Union was a turning point in these efforts. This project led to the establishment of test laboratories that are needed in the automotive industry and that comply with the directives and standards of the European Union. In this way, a structure that focuses particularly on conformity assessment and market surveillance has been formed in the sector.

Accredited laboratories from national and international accreditation organizations provide high quality, fast and reliable laboratory services in the automotive sector to meet the demands of manufacturers, services and all those in need.

These services are mainly provided in accordance with existing legal regulations and standards developed by national and international organizations.

The automotive sector is a very wide sector and it is aimed to reduce the possible risks and improve the performance of the enterprises with laboratory services. Laboratories must provide independent, rigorous, fast and reliable solutions in order to ensure that both public safety, manufacturing companies, financing companies, insurance companies and ultimately consumers do not suffer from life safety and financial losses.

The laboratories that will carry out automotive tests must be accredited in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Basic Requirements for Calibration and Test Laboratories, or they must be qualified by the notified body in accordance with this standard.