The concept of logistics was first used in military operations. It means providing full support to the fighting units. Today, logistics is expressed as a method of transporting and storing products. The more successful the logistics services are, the faster the activities, the lower the operating costs and the better the customer service.

Logistics services are the whole of services that plan, implement and control the effectiveness of the material flow, storage, stocks, completed products and related services from the point of production to the point of consumption in order to meet consumer needs.

The main purpose of the logistics activities is to ensure that the finished products are delivered to consumers in the right place, at the right time and at the right quality, and to create cost effectiveness in the enterprises.

In recent years, logistics services are mostly outsourced. In this way, enterprises save labor, time and money. According to the general practices, the companies doing the logistics services themselves make this work more expensive than the logistics companies by 20. Therefore, receiving logistics services provides cost advantages to enterprises.

As logistics activities develop, the importance of logistics sector has started to increase. For logistics companies, the search has started to make the processes easier, more complete, faster and more profitable. At this point, the companies that control the operation of the processes, make their operations more modern by using various technologies and tools and increase the working efficiency come to the fore.

Depending on whether transportation is by sea, air, land or rail, many support service logistics companies such as cargo quantity determination, advanced cargo information, cleaning inspections, fuel surveillance, warehouse surveillance, loading and unloading activities, security services, personnel procurement and transit monitoring services is provided by.

Measuring, analyzing, evaluating and reporting the results of these services are also complementary to these services.