Chemical Matter Benchmarks


The importance of food, especially safe food production and protection of consumer health, becomes more and more important as the population continues to grow and natural resources are increasingly consumed in the world. The quality of food that affects people's health depends on many factors. Basic food chemistry, nutrients, minerals, various toxins, heavy metals, dyes, food additives, chemicals and pesticides used in the production of herbal food, feed and feed additives used in animal food production, and even food packaging are just a few of these factors.

Accredited laboratories carry out chemical analyzes, microbiological tests, GMO and biosafety analyzes and physical analyzes of food products within the framework of food control analyzes.

In addition, heavy metals, toxic heavy metals, lead determination, cadmium determination in plastics, azo dyestuffs, toy safety, carcinogenic dyes, chlorine organic carriers, determination of free formaldehyde in cosmetics, tinned organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) determination, PVC determination, water quality, microbiological test in cosmetics, soil analysis, total microorganism load, determination of antibacterial activity, chemical disinfectants and antiseptics and hundreds of chemical and microbiology tests, measurements, analysis and evaluation studies are performed.

Laboratories provide these services and TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratories within the framework of the General Conditions for the adequacy of the standard. It also uses up-to-date methods that are recognized nationally and internationally. All laboratories adopt basic working principles such as accurate, reliable, fast and quality work.

All devices and technical equipment used in laboratories are calibrated at regular intervals.

These laboratories are required to use state-of-the-art test and measuring devices and to employ trained and experienced engineers and technicians in order to ensure that the tests are fast, reliable and of high quality.