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Public sector

Like private sector enterprises, public institutions are trying to provide quality services to people in an increasingly complex environment. Public enterprises operate in an environment shaped by the changing population structure, increasing economic migration, increasing security concerns, declining natural resources and the growing demand of people throughout the world. Official institutions are also obliged to provide citizen-oriented services, to develop their policies in this direction, to monitor their implementation, and to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in their activities. On the other hand, they have to provide these services as economically as possible. They must also provide a high level of transparency and openness for any service they provide. They must not shake public trust and ensure quality and continuity in the services provided.

Today, everyone interacts with government agencies in some way and benefits from public sector services, legislation and infrastructure. Therefore, government agencies have to perform better for consumers.

Together with global trends and restructuring initiatives, the concept of public administration has now been replaced by the concept of public management. In this parallel, it is aimed to reduce the number of public employees and public expenditures, to accelerate the privatization efforts, to reduce the state by localizing a number of services. The basic principles of business management, economic, efficiency and effectiveness principles are now applied in public administration. However, these statements are perceived as democratic participation, public interest, representativeness, sensitivity and responsibility in public administration. This new understanding of public management, which embraces the philosophy and objectives of business management with globalization, has dominated the field of public administration.

At this point, as in all activities of the private sector, the activities in the public sector should be measured, tested, analyzed, the results evaluated and reported. The public sector has to compete under the same conditions. Public sector enterprises must be in a working structure like private sector enterprises.