Energy Benchmarks


The energy sector is a sector that never goes backward, but rather increases in importance day by day. Energy resources began to be used intensively in the nineteenth century and ceased in the twentieth century. This process will be the scene of a more violent struggle in the coming years. Energy supply will always be the number one strategic item on the agenda of companies and countries.

It has become a necessity to supply energy, which is the most important cost element for companies and country administrations, from reliable sources without interruption and in more economic conditions.

The world's natural resources are depleting and global warming, changing climatic conditions and the unconscious destruction of nature require more efficient use of energy resources. Today, renewable energy sources are being emphasized more and new technologies are being developed that allow the transfer of energy from natural sources such as wind, sun and wave. Renewable energy, wind energy, solar energy, hydropower and alternative fuels production and distribution activities.

On the other hand, traditional power plants are being modernized and new regulations and practices are controlled more closely and environmental impacts are limited.

Within the framework of energy testing, measurement and analysis studies given by authorized laboratories, flue gas measurements, determination of luminous levels in working environments, determination of electrical conductivity in waters, thermal surface temperature measurement in buildings, thermal surface temperature measurement in machinery and equipment, power measurement in engines, thermal conductivity of structural elements coefficient analysis, ultrasonic flow measurement, pressure difference between two points in air ducts, carbon footprint calculation, grounding measurements and hundreds of test and measurement services are provided.

These services provided by laboratories are carried out in accordance with both the legal regulations in force and the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations.