Ground Benchmarks

Grounding Tests
Grounding Tests

Grounding is of great importance in homes, residences, production facilities, in short, in all areas where electrical safety is required. Especially in earthing in electrical installations, The Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations has been issued by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. This directive describes the safety-related principles for the installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of these grounding facilities for alternating current and direct current electrical installations with a frequency below 100 Hz. With the aforementioned regulation, a number of standards and conditions have been made obligatory.

The regulation specifies the grounding rules for high voltage electrical power plants and low voltage electrical plants and the rules for the grounding of computing and communication equipment.

Earthing work is done in order to prevent the currents and voltages that will occur in case of an error or failure to endanger the human life. Grounding is an effective method of protecting human life against electric current. Because of this vital importance, it is necessary to pay attention to the measurement periods.

In the annex of the aforementioned regulation, periods for inspection, measurement and inspections in various grounding facilities are explained. For example, electricity generation, transmission, distribution facilities have to be tested every two years, power transmission and distribution lines every five years, industrial facilities and business centers are tested once a year.

Grounding facilities are those in which earthers and grounding conductors are connected to each other by conductors and located within a certain area. Newly opened or relocated facilities must undergo ground testing during assembly and construction before they are put into operation.

The basis of the grounding work is to protect human life and property safety and to minimize the damage caused by electricity in case of failure.

Electrical tests carried out by authorized laboratories include earthing tests.