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Ambient Temperature Insulation Resistance Test
Ambient Temperature Insulation Resistance Test

Insulation resistance measurements are applied for all kinds of electrical devices used in homes and workplaces, both in production and service stages. As a result of these measurements, malfunctions that threaten human health and property safety are detected and prevented.

Under normal conditions, there must be insulation between the live parts and the live parts. If this is not done, electricity will flow to places where electrical energy should not reach and create a danger. At the same time, insulations must be provided inside the devices to prevent any short circuit danger. This is very important for the proper operation of electrical or electronic devices. Insulating materials are substances that do not conduct heat, sound and electric current.

With the publication of the EN 50575 standard by the Turkish Standards Institute, the criteria related to the fire response performance conditions of the power, control and communication cables used in any structure and the tests and conformity assessments have become clear (TS EN 50575 Power, control and communication cables applications (subject to response to fire requirements).

The standard also refers to the following test standards that have already been published:


  • TS EN ISO 1716 Fire reaction tests of building products - Determination of gross combustion temperature (calorific value)
  • TS EN 50399 Common test methods for cables under fire conditions - Measurement of heat and smoke generated in cables during flame propagation test - Test equipment, procedures, results
  • TS EN 60332-1-2 Cables - Tests on electrical and fiber optic cables under fire conditions - Part 1-2: Vertical flame propagation test for a single insulated wire or cable - Process for 1 kw premixed flame
  • TS EN 61034 Measurement of smoke density of burning cables under specified conditions
    • Section 1: Test equipment
    • Section 2: Test procedure and rules
  • TS EN 60754 Test of gases released during combustion of materials used in cables - Part 2: Determination of acidity and conductivity (by pH measurement)