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Insulation Test
Insulation Test

In an enterprise, the sections under electricity and those that are not, must be separated from each other in terms of the reliability and sustainability of the enterprise. Proper insulation is important for the safety of employees and property security of the enterprise. In addition, all electrical and electronic equipment must have complete insulation.

Insulation resistance measurements are also called insulation test or insulation test. The insulation test is the measurement of the current through which the direct current voltage is applied to the insulating material. Then the resistance value of the insulating material is calculated according to the measured current and voltage.

The insulation test is a test for the insulating parts of cables, transformers and electrical equipment and for electric motors and generators. The higher the insulation resistance, the safer the electrical or electronic system. If the insulation resistance is low, the devices must not be operated and the insulator material must be replaced.

Insulation resistance tests are a necessary test in the production and service stages of electrical and electronic devices. Insulating materials are materials that do not transmit electrical current to the environment. In fact, all substances are conductive, but their endurance limits are different. That is, each substance has an insulating resistance. When exposed to an electric current above this resistor, it acts as a conductor, ie it begins to conduct electricity.

In insulation tests carried out by authorized laboratories, a constant voltage is applied to the system whose resistance is to be measured and the applied current is measured. Using this voltage and current ratio, the insulation resistance of that material is calculated.

Different methods can be used for isolation tests in laboratories. However, the results are evaluated in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and published standards.


If the results are high, the measured insulation is good. But if it is low then it is necessary to doubt that the insulation is reliable.