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Label Endurance Test
Label Endurance Test

Almost all devices used in homes and workplaces today require electrical energy to operate. However, during the use of electrical energy, electric shock, fire and similar risks are always present. In the European Union countries and our country, many legal regulations and criteria and standards have been issued regarding the reliability of electrical equipment. The requirements for the provision of electrical safety have also been determined in other regulations that do not enter into these regulations and which are not included in the standards but which use electrical energy. For example, medical devices, special electrical equipment used in aircraft, ships, aircraft or railways are included in this group.

The safety of all equipment using electrical energy is verified by electrical tests. Various laboratories carry out these electrical tests (accredited) based on their authorization from national or international accreditation bodies. Tests carried out within this framework include label strength tests.

Label durability tests are performed to measure the durability of labels. Manufacturer companies have to make many accelerated aging tests. These tests are conducted in the electronics industry to measure long-term wear and response to environmental factors. During the tests, the labels are kept for a long time at various humidity and temperature variations and the results are analyzed.

Depending on the purpose of the test, the scope of the tests also varies. Some tests are for quality evaluation only. Some tests are performed to see how different parts or materials affect the performance of labels. Label errors can occur in different ways. There may be moderate and long decreases in the reading range or the label may become unresponsive without warning.

These measurements are followed by the authorized laboratories, the current legal regulations and the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations.


In addition, laboratories are required to operate in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.