Noise the Map forming

Creating Noise Maps
Creating Noise Maps

Creating Noise Maps

Plans or sections where acoustic information (sound intensity and frequency data) for a particular area or area or environment are expressed in detail in a given system by curves, coloring system and numerical values ​​are called noise maps.

By the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Regulation on Evaluation and Management of Environmental Noise was published in 2010. This regulation is based on Directive 2002 / 49 / EC issued by the European Union.

The aforementioned regulation introduced a number of legal sanctions for the preparation of strategic noise maps and the preparation of action plans. According to the regulation, noise maps should be prepared in order to show whether any limit values ​​are exceeded or not. These maps should show the number of people affected and the number of residences exposed in a given area. It should also include data on the noise situation that is present or is likely to occur in the future. Noise maps should be prepared in accordance with the standards on the physical map of the area using relevant noise indicators in the light of all this information.

Again, according to the regulations, enterprises, workshops, mills, entertainment places and port operators are responsible for preparing noise maps in the areas they operate and presenting them upon request of the competent authority.

Noise maps and the updating of these noise indicators are used in the annexes of the regulations. The persons who will prepare noise maps must be educated in engineering or architecture or graduated from faculties of science. In addition, they must have the level of expertise to carry out these studies and have done similar studies in national or international projects and have experience in noise map preparation.

Meanwhile, many standards have been published by the Turkish Standards Institute to be considered during the preparation of noise maps. For example, the ISO ISO 9613-2, TS ISO 8297, TS EN ISO 3744 and TS EN ISO 3746 standards are taken into account for the noise of enterprises, plants, workplaces, workshops and workshops.