Academics personel

Academical personal
Academical personal

The managers and staff of the organizations providing laboratory services have very special trainings and they are experienced and qualified employees. In general, physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, biotoxin, mycotoxin, textile, Although people who have disinfection, electricity, safety and food trainings have the knowledge and skills to work in the fields related to their subjects, they need to enter into much finer details of their subjects and to follow and understand the developments in our country and all around the world.

The accumulation to do so is only available in academic staff. The academic staff, from research assistants and lecturers who teach in universities, to the highest level associate professors and professors, research, learn and apply all kinds of technological developments, new devices and new methods before they become widespread in the market.

Laboratory personnel should be researchers, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, open to learning, solution and result oriented, careful and meticulous work, competence and planning and organization. These characteristics are mostly developed by academic staff.

EuroLab stands out with its academic staff. Most of their employees are qualified people who teach in universities and educate students or have done these tasks at a time. EuroLab has at least one academic staff at the top of its expertise areas.

The academic staff are those who are technically equipped with expertise in their fields of expertise, but are also familiar with the current legal regulations and the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations in the areas in which they operate.

In addition to the usual testing, measurement, analysis and calibration studies, EuroLab participates in many national and international fairs, seminars, conferences and supports the academic development of laboratory services.